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Титанијум диоксид

Титанијум диоксид

Other Name: Pigment White 6; Titanium dioxide; Titanium Dioxide Anatase; Titanium Oxide; Titania; Titanium (IV) dioxide; Rutile; dioxotitanium

Chemical Formula: TiO2

ХС бр .: 32061110


Паковање: 25 кг / врећа

1000,1050,1100,1150,1200,1250,1300,1350кгс / бигбаг

Информације о производу
Место порекла: Кина
Бренд Име: РЕЦХ
Број модела: РЕЦХ14
Сертификат: ISO9001/FAMIQS

White inorganic pigment. It is the strongest kind of white pigments, has excellent hiding power and color fastness, and is suitable for opaque white products. The rutile type is especially suitable for plastic products used outdoors, and can give the products good light stability. Anatase is mainly used for indoor products, but it has a slight blue light, high whiteness, large hiding power, strong coloring power and good dispersion. Titanium dioxide is widely used as a pigment for paint, paper, rubber, plastic, enamel, glass, cosmetics, ink, watercolor and oil paint, and can also be used in the manufacture of metallurgy, radio, ceramics, and welding electrodes.

Тачка стандард
Главни садржај КСНУМКС% мин
color L КСНУМКС% мин
Reducing powder 1800
Volatile at 105°c КСНУМКС% макс
water soluble (m/m) КСНУМКС% макс
PH 6.5-8.5
oil absorption(g/100g) 22
Residue on 45 µm КСНУМКС% макс
Resistivity of water extraction Ωm 50
Si 1.2-1.8
Al 2.8-3.2