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Ferrous sulphate Monohydrate ufa chakudya kalasi

Ferrous sulphate Monohydrate ufa chakudya kalasi

Other Name: Iron sulfate Monohydrate powder/ferrous sulphate mono powder /ferrous sulphate Monohydrate powder

Mankhwala chilinganizo: FeSO4 • H2O

HS NO: 28332910

CAS Ayi :17375-41-6

Wazolongedza: 25kgs / thumba

1000,1050,1100,1150,1200,1250,1300,1350kgs / thumba lalikulu

mankhwala mudziwe
Malo Oyamba: China
Name Brand: RECH
Number Model: ZOKHUDZA
chitsimikizo: ISO9001 / YESETSANI / FAMIQS

Fe is the forming element of many enzymes and hormone, and participates in metabolism of protein, carbohydrate as well as lipid. When lack of Fe, animals exhibit inappetence, slow growth, thick and disorderly clothing hair, depilation, dry and chappy skin and unease-cure wound. Adding high dosage Fe in initial feed for sucking can reduce diarrhea and increase weight.

katunduyo Standard
Chiyeretso 91% min
Fe 29.5-30.5% min
Pb Zamgululi
As Chimap
Cd Kutsogolera
kukula Powder