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Manganese sulfat Monarchate Powder

Manganese sulfat Monarchate Powder

Other Name:Manganese sulphate Monohydrate powder

Chemical Formula: MnSO4•H2O

HS NO.: 2833299090

CAS No.:10034-96-5


1000,1050,1100,1150,1200,1250,1300,1350kgs / bigbag

Alexa Product
Panggonan Asal: China
Jeneng Brand: REKOM
Panggil Model: REF03
Certification: ISO9001 / FAMIQS

Mainly used for Feed additives, When lack of this element, animals will occur slowly growth, thick and their skeletons are misshapen, enginery is abnormal and newborns animal will be ataxic.

item Standard
Kemurnian 98% min
Mn 31.5% min
Pb 10ppmmx
As 5ppmmax
Cd 10ppmamx